Deeper Waters (Part 3)

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Last week in my message Deeper Waters Part 2, I left you with some points that I would like remind you about this morning as we develop an understanding of the Stockholm syndrome the Lord spoke to me about and revealed in Judges 13 and an introduction to the spirit of Jezebel revealed in 1 Kings 18-19; 21 and 2 Kings 9; Matthew 14; Matthew 24:9 and Revelation 2:20. This spirit operates from generation to generation and needs to be vigilantly exposed and dealt with according to the wisdom of God. This spirit’s goal is to destroy God’s apostolic prophetic priesthood and hinder God’s plans and purposes being established in our personal lives and in the church. This spirit operates in many regions and is working in and against the churches constantly. For that reason we cannot entertain the spirit in any form in our life. So we need to know what we are looking for in this hour as God releases the spirit of Elijah as the spirit of governmental prophesy to deliver the church from the schemes of the enemy and bring forward His dominion government on earth as it is in heaven. His unshakeable Kingdom realm so that we may be delivered and restored into our generational inheritance and mandate.

Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction. Malachi 4:5.

Last week I left you with seven key spiritual disciplines we are to employ in our life to keep us powerful, free and having spiritual authority over all the works of the enemy.

Why is that so important? Because you have an enemy who does not want your increase to be established.

Every time God speaks a present word, the Prince of the Air through demonic spiritual influence tries to either snatch it away or oppose it being established in the seen realm and in the hearts and minds of believers. God’s words towards us are intentional and designed to be fulfilled. Every prophetic word is invitational, which means we have to give agreement to it and sometimes do warfare with it. I will speak about this next week.

We must remember God is without limitation. He speaks into a fallen world to lift us up out of limitations and into His intentions and promises towards us. In that sense we are to co-labour with God. The promise of God is His empowering grace towards us. His promises will cause us to prosper even as our soul prospers above the fallen world system in this world. So many of us get frustrated when the promises are not immediately established in our lives. That is understandable, but it is never a reason to not keep believing and holding God’s promises before Him with His faith provided by the indwelling Holy Spirit to our hearts and minds. The hold- up is not on God’s part. Remember we are to live from our new life and life union with God into this world as we have taught so often.

It is also important to remember in this limited world, as the Book of Daniel shows us, Satan and his hierarchy of demons and fallen gods tries to resist and work against God’s angelic realm and governmental Kingdom realm to establish on earth what is in heaven. What God has already agreed to establish. So in the case of Daniel, God heard his prayers, but the answer was held up in a battle in the unseen realm. However, notice although there was delay there was victory for the Archangels or Princes of God over the regional powers that were trying to hold things up through a battle in the unseen realm. Daniel’s prayers were powerful before God concerning God’s promise and prophetic future for his people. So are ours.

This means things are held up in the unseen realms over regions cities and nations because of what Paul describes in Ephesians 6. That is why we keep praying and trusting God in prayers of faith and doing battle with his promises towards us.


Getting understanding is not glorifying Satan. It is exposing his dark schemes so we may be powerful and effective and come into the intended future that God is leading us into in our personal and geographical context. Sometimes we need to know what and who we are actually wrestling with to know who and what we need to overcome in Christ.

It is not enough to have spiritual authority in only a notional or conceptual sense. We need to know how to exercise spiritual authority from a place of personal spiritual freedom yielded to the Spirit and word of God. This will ensure we drive back and drive out the demonic forces that oppose us and hinder us including God’s plans and purposes for the church and for a region, city and nation. We each play a vital spiritual priestly-kingly role in our region and city that we sometimes forget we are a part of.

In his letter to the Ephesians Chapter 6:10 works with Chapter 2:2 and what we have been given by God’s grace. Paul develops seven spiritual disciplines that he calls the full armour of God. These are to protect us and position us to win the arm to arm combat that we all engage in with spiritual forces. Sometimes we are not aware of the wrestle because it is so subtle. Remember Satan’s greatest strategy is deception. That is why Paul’s first discipline is establishing yourself in God’s truth.

Deception is by its very nature designed to deceive. It is often subtle and nuanced as it takes truth and distorts it. In its construct it will always carry enough truth to be believable and enough error to deceive.

That is why when we are yielded to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth will lead us into all truth. This requires a deep relational connection to God in our life and a willing devotion towards Him. It requires constant practice and use in the area of spiritual discernment. Discernment is given but like all the gifts of the Spirit they need to be practiced and developed in our life.

Whilst Paul lists seven spiritual disciplines as the full armour of God employed to defeat the dark powers that come against us, it is my observation all of these seven strategic disciplines and armoury as weapons of our warfare seem to have been systematically and slowly eroded in the last twenty or so years in the contemporary charismatic church. Unfortunately it is no longer fashionable or convenient to pray with intention and purpose and, importantly, together as the church. Generally speaking, it is no longer fashionable and convenient for the church to come together and worship and read the word of God with a desire for insight and revelation. In some cases we have drifted into what is convenient instead of what is needed. But the Holy Spirit is moving to change all of that as we move into this new season of exposing what is hidden in plain sight.

Further, the deceptive Jezebel spirit has been silently operating, largely unrecognised in the contemporary church. The spirit of Jezebel will entice us, that is, seduce us, to think that we don’t need any of these spiritual disciplines anymore. In turn, our spiritual vulnerability gives the spirit of Jezebel and Satan power against us by stealing our spiritual authority and weaponry intended to make us powerful against the schemes of the enemy as God’s people. This limits our ability to come into our destiny and our inheritance as a people.

In fact, if you read 1 Kings 21 and its verses you see how Jezebel functioned from a place of Kings Ahab’s disappointment in not getting what he wanted to take the Kings authority and devise a plan to have Naboth stoned and killed. This would allow Ahab to get his wish- to have Naboth’s inheritance. God saw it all and ultimately Elijah revealed God’s judgment to both Jezebel and Ahab in their conspiracy to murder and steal.

Satan likes to attempt to prevent us bringing forward the Kingdom of heaven on earth or coming into our true authority and power in our calling. This must be pretty obvious but is often overlooked. This is our daily assignment. Spiritual disciplines move us daily beyond how we feel and what is convenient into who we really are and what we can accomplish in union with Christ. Everything we think and live is from our union with Christ to both bring us into our prophetic destiny and establish God’s dominion reign into the world as light into darkness from God’s point of view.


Because Jezebel is the high priestess of Baal who is the fertility god (also meaning prosperity) the counterfeit to El Shaddai (the multi-breasted one feeding and nurturing his children, the all-powerful one) and Adonai Jireh, (the Lord will provide), there is also an attraction to the world’s systems of finances and provision instead of faith in God’s promises and provision.

Hence the spirit of Jezebel can entice us away from God’s promised provision and getting us to put our trust in the world systems governed by the spirit of mammon. They are all linked in the dark unseen realms.


So the spirit of Jezebel can be quite influential if we are not aware of what is happening in the darkness that is covering a region and underpinning the culture and the spirit of this age. But God always has a strategy to liberate and empower His people and cities and nations against the works of the enemy! We see this rhythm all through the Bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. In this sense He uses the Spirit of prophesy, and the discerning of spirits to expose things and bring forward His redemptive plans to continue to deliver both people and regions from darkness and into His plans and purposes to cause those people and regions to be set free and prosper.


When darkness covers the people Satan is free to operate how he sees fit. But when the light comes that which has been hidden in the dark is exposed. God is lifting off the darkness because of the increase of light in and upon the body of Christ and he is raising up His kingly priesthood of all believers amidst governmental prophets who restore the spirit of Elijah and another generation.

The spirit of Jezebel like other demonic powers and spirits that influence the hearts and minds of people to influence them is not gender specific and operates from generation to generation if fed and given oxygen and allowed to operate. That is why a recent outstanding message from Jentzen Franklin says we must kill off the spirit of Jezebel in our own life at the embryonic stage.


Just as God works His plans and bringing forward His Kingdom from generation to generation so does Satan, to continue to oppose God’s plans and His promises that are already established in heaven being established on earth. The difficulty is that Satan does not have prophetic knowledge or wisdom in the same way God does. He is limited in his understanding of God’s plans and purposes and their timing in each generation. As Kevin Zadai points out he does not carry the gemstone of the Tribe of Issachar. In fact on his breastplate describe in Ezekiel 28 he only has 9 of the twelve stones representing the 12 tribes of Judah.

The spirit of Jezebel is revealed in particular in Judges 13-16; 1 Kings 18-19; 21 and 2 Kings 9; Matthew 14; Matthew 24:9 and Revelation 2:20. So the spirit is not limited to the Old Testament but every generation in particular an end time generation.


You are God’s spiritual kings and priests designed to establish God’s Kingdom reign – his dominion government on earth as it is in heaven. Each believer carries the three fold anointing of priest prophet and priest as a member of a royal priesthood in the order of Melchizedek.

This does not make every believer a prophet. Instead this anointing allows you the ability to hear God and the Holy Spirit to show you things. From our union with Christ, every believer can move in the priestly, the gift of prophesy as present revelation and kingly authority in their own lives and their sphere of influence that God has given them. When we do that we drive out darkness and set others free. We are therefore designed to live from and in God’s light to expose darkness, not come under it or give agreement to it or even to compromise with it. But like anyone who has been in a dark room long enough you begin to get your eyes to adjust and you simply get used to the darkness if you have been in it long enough.


The Lord revealed to me that the contemporary church in the western world has been suffering from the Stockholm syndrome. This relates to the infamous bank robbers who took people hostage in Stockholm. During captivity the hostages came to form a relationship with their captors so they could survive and further, as the later Helsinki syndrome reveals identifies with the captor to the point that they started to feel sympathy and affection for them and to even act against the authorities who tried to rescue them. They became comfortable and over a short time captivity became their new normal!

We are so used to the normality of the dark spiritual and natural world around us we think this fallen world, although getting worse by some standards, is normal. But darkness is not to be our normal. Whilst we are in this world, we are not of this world for good reason. As Michael Heiser relates:

The story of the Bible is about God’s will for; and rule of, the realms he has created, visible and invisible, through the imagers he has created, human and non-human. The divine agenda is played out in both realms, in deliberate tandem.[1]

We are used to living in a world full of darkness. Like the false prophets and like Israel and Judah of the Old Testament under God’s discipline in Judges 13 sometimes it’s easier to want peace in our bondage. They opposed who God sent to deliver them! That is why God sent Samson as a deliverer to His people. That is why Elijah called the people out from under the dark spiritual authority of Jezebel and called down fire and executed judgement against the prophets of Baal.

Every time we feel we are just surviving and we will feel less than free and empowered or powerful we need to think of what we are giving ourselves to. God does not want us to survive, He intends for us to thrive!


In Judges 13 God sent Israel a deliverer in Samson to free them from the authority and bondage of the Philistines ( their time of discipline was over). Yet they preferred to keep peace with the Philistines who were over them that they would be comfortable in their bondage! Samson as an anointed deliverer was causing a commotion in what he was doing. He was disrupting the status quo. He was picking a few fights. He was certainly rocking the boat for the Israelites to bring them out of bondage. When God shakes things for His people He is trying to bring them out of, deliver them from what they have inadvertently given themselves to by habit and seduction. He was certainly not being conventional in doing it either. All part of God’s plan to set them free! However, the men of Judah agreed with the Philistines (Judges 15) to seize Samson and bind his hands so that he would not continue to come against the authority of the Philistines. Ultimately it was the deceptive love whims and faux embarrassment and dishonour of a deceptive Delilah that handed Samson over to the Philistines.

To me we see the spirit of Jezebel working through Delilah in much the same way that it worked with Queen Herodias and her daughter manifesting in an erotic dance with King Herod II, and Queen Herodias’ contempt towards and instructions concerning John the Baptist because he challenged her marriage.

Indeed, if we think carefully of what Jesus says of the person Jezebel in the Book of Revelation 2:20 in the church at Thyatira we see Jesus rebuke the church for forgiving that woman Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess and is seducing my loving servants. She is teaching that it is permissible to indulge in sexual immorality and eat food sacrificed to idols.” She was also teaching “initiations into deep satanic secrets.”

Jesus gave her time to repent. But she would not.


Jezebel is a significant end time deceptive spirit, that works through the ages and through the generations that produces lust, fear, discouragement and depression in the world and even in the church. Let’s make no mistake. Samson came under it through Delilah. Elijah came under it. John the Baptiser carrying the spirit of Elijah came under it and the church at Thyatira came under it. Jesus warned of its influence in Matthew 24:9. The moment we think we are not vulnerable to this kind of spirit we are indeed vulnerable. When we are aware of our vulnerability we become empowered towards the disciplines and decisions we are making based on those disciplines. When we are aware and disciplined we become powerful to deal with its influence towards us and through others.

The spirit of Jezebel will also work as I have said to steal away generational inheritances by trying to remove or destroy those like Naboth who carry a family inheritance. This is why we are praying for the prodigal sons to return: Those left the Father’s house to explore the things in the world. Sometimes through frustration or disappointment which is an open spiritual door for the spirit of Jezebel. But God is moving to bring them home through the spirit of Elijah. We need to prepare our hearts for those who God is restoring in this family and their calling and inheritance. God will use the season they have been through in the darkness for their and our increase.

Even Elijah when vulnerable through tiredness and working alone came under this spirit of fear and depression from Jezebel. As I said last week, fear in particular is predominantly the biggest faith killer and relationship destroyer that the devil is ramping up in this hour.

The Jezebel spirit is a very influential spirit and is basically used by Satan to destroy the church and to infiltrate the heart and minds (emotions and beliefs) of believers to influence them into a counterfeit priesthood and religion and to pursue the lusts of the flesh. The lusts of the flesh include sexual immorality, an independent spirit that works against both God’s authority and covenant relationship with God and in marriage,- yes, the spirit likes to destroy marriages; a counterfeit prophetic culture through zealous hyper-religiosity producing emotional and false prophecy that moves by a deceiving soul-originating spirit and the desire for self-promotion or to simply be heard. In particular the spirit of Jezebel usurps ( manipulates to take away) and tries to manipulate and illegally use and destroy Godly authority over God’s people so as to control them or have leaders abandon their God given authority to protect and lead the people of God.

In the end this spirit creates conflict, confusion, division, and self-promoting agendas that benefits the person at the expense of everyone else and creates all kinds of spiritual and material poverty working against the promises of God if people do not use their God-authority to drive it out of their lives.

It blinds people through deception, creates doctrinal confusion and error, influences people not to pray, not to read the word of God as truth in their life and promotes the individual to reject God’s authority by His word, His Spirit and Godly leadership that are all given for our protection, benefit, advancement and increase.

This spirit works to kill the passion and fire of believers and leaders, and delivers us into a spirit of slumber and complacency under its control. Now it might make sense why God through Dave, Ana and I as three witnesses has spoken to us through Psalm 24:

So wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny! Welcome the King of glory for he is about to come through you. You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?” The Lord, armed and ready for battle, the Mighty One, invincible in every way.

The Lord revealed to me recently that Satan will do all he can to destroy our ability to praise and worship, meet together and pray, and understand the authority and power of the word of God and the Holy Spirit as God’s truth in our lives.


Elijah was of course the one who exposed Jezebel’s prophets, the prophets of Baal, part of Jezebel’s Syrian priesthood. In calling down fire from heaven ( and he did this more than once afterwards) he invited the people of Israel to make a decision. In effect to come out under the illegal spiritual authority of Jezebel that was ruling God’s people under Ahab. Again if you recall over the last year or so this has been coming through.

Jezebel usurped Ahab’s kingly authority. In short God removed Jezebel the Queen by His judgment told to Elijah but executed by the newly anointed King Jehu sometime later. Both the spirit of Elijah and kingly governmental authority are needed in this hour released and realised by the authority and power of the Holy Spirit.

Then we see the same spirit being mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24:1-12. The storyline here is that Jesus told the disciples how things were going to unfold. Jesus explains in particular, “And many lying prophets will arise deceiving multitudes and leading them away from the path of truth. There will be such an increase of sin and lawlessness that those whose hearts once burned with passion for God and others will grow cold. But keep your hope to the end and you will experience life and deliverance.”

This is taking place in some measure in our day. Then this feeds into Revelation 2:20 and John’s letter to Thyatira that we should read in full and in its context.

We can see then that Jezebel is the primary mover against the church to seduce her, steal her authority, influence her to promote false-prophesy and self-centredness, false relationships, break covenant relationships, the lust of self-authority and power and working against unity, working against prayer, and working against God’s legitimate priesthood that is designed to function to destroy all the works of the enemy!

So the sending of the Spirit of Elijah restores generational relationships in the lineage of God that Satan through Jezebel’s children tries to steal and destroy.

There is a fight on right now for the next generation and our children and their children who are being influenced by the spirit of this age and by the Prince of this world through the deceiving practices of the spirit of Jezebel. What we fail to stand in our children have the burden of carrying.

At the end of the day we are each responsible for the decisions we make. Our decisions effect not just us but those around us and the generations that will follow us.

As I have said, living fully immersed in the God head, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, living yielded in every area of our life to God’s empowering word, His promises, His internal empowering Spirit and God’s love towards us and for us, we have been given the Spirit of self -control. The Spirit of self-control is the Holy Spirit working with our free will to make Godly decisions exercising our God-delegated spiritual authority to pursue the fullness of our new life in Christ and to overcome and destroy all the works of the enemy no longer conforming to the pattern of this world.

When the enemy knows you know who you are and what He is attempting to do, the veil of seduction is brought into light of God’s truth both in Word and Spirit, and you learn how to carry your God authority standing on God’s word revealed to you, he will leave you for a more opportune time. Every time you turn to face God in the midst of the process of seduction, and use repentance, God’s forgiveness leading to your praise and thanksgiving as the weapons of your warfare you invoke the power of the blood of Jesus. This is the constant reminder to all of hell that they have been defeated and God has given you authority over all the works of the enemy. The key here is to be specific and intentional, filled with God’s faith with a humble heart. As God is saying to us in this hour:

“Welcome the King of Glory for he is about to come through you. You ask, “Who is the this Glory-King?” The Lord, armed ready for battle, the Mighty One invincible in every way!

He is ready to come in so that His glory can come through you.

[1] Dr Michael Heiser, Unseen realms p38

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