A New Company of Prophets

Friends let me submit something to you to consider. Feel free to test it as the New Testament tells us to do.

My sense is based on the recurring vision of the Holy Spirit brooding over the spiritual darkness that is sitting over cities and in turn people.

My sense is that the Holy Spirit is going to activate a new company of prophets and a prophetic people who will and have consecrated themselves to the Lord in intimacy and yielded union to the Spirit of God in Christ.

They will move beyond the general words of encouragement that the prophetic has become known for and will move with signs and wonders following. Their words under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit flowing out of their union with Christ, will accurately pierce the spiritual veils over peoples hearts and mind to set people free dismantling the spiritual thrones of the soul.

Given the power of authentic prophecy along side of constant praise of God to pierce darkness and break open cities and lives to reveal the wisdom of God, a new level of maturity in the prophetic is being established. Those who have genuinely consecrated themselves to the Lord are being positioned right now for such a calling.

A new company of prophets by Paul Tothill

This is a time to be careful that our desire to move in the prophetic and even to gain a platform or influence from the grace gift freely given by God does not undermine or cheapen or commercialise the reputation of the prophetic in the desire to build our own reputation.

My sense is those who have learnt to resolve the issues of the heart even in adversity and brokenness in this last season and drawn into greater depth in the knowledge of God are being positioned for receiving and releasing significant words of knowledge wisdom and prophecy.

It is these who will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to establish a hunger to prophesy, not for their own reputation, but for the sake of the reality of Gods love and wisdom revealed in Jesus Christ breaking into the darkness.

The prophetic voices will reveal the wisdom of God once more to both the church and into the world.

We are in a time where God will cause the church to rise on eagles wings above the darkness, and through the increase of the prophetic, to penetrate the darkness, to once again reveal what is impossible for man is always possible for God.

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